About Idukki Taluk Tourism Development Co-operative Society Ltd. No.- I 736


"Idukki" meaning constriction, is the word from which Idukki district asumes its name.  The gorge between two high and massive hills known as "Kuravan Mala" and "Kurathi Mala"  in the district through which the river Periyar, one of the largest rivers of the state flowed, is the one under reference.   Here a Double curvature arch dam, 550 feet high and 65 feet thick,has been constructed, making it one of the biggest of its kind in the world.   

This is a district of great natural beauty with a number of streams, green, rugged mountains ranges, forests, fertile valleys,luxuriant vegetation. and it generates more than 80 per cent of the hydro electric power for the State.

Idukki is becoming a mainstream for the development of Idukki district in the field of tourism. Idukki Taluk Tourism Development Co-operative Society (ITTCOS) is working to increase the tourism potential and to formulate and implement various schemes required for tourism development. 

The Co-operative Society intends to exploit the endless possibilities of tourism in collaboration with the State Tourism Department and the District Tourism Promotion Council. Adjacent to the ITTCOS office is the Tourism Information Center and the Spices Outlet. The Co-operative Society is working to further exploit the potential for the blessed beauty of Idukki as a gift of nature. Tourists from all over the world come to Idukki to see and enjoy the beauty of the nature.