Mission and Vision

The Co-operative Society is playing a leading role in opening the beauty pageant of Idukki, the storehouse of visual beauty. Today, booming and artificial tourism centers are irrelevant. The Idukki Taluk Tourism Development Co-operative Society has been formed to take on the historic responsibility of consolidating the commercial tourism potential of Idukki, which is naturally at its peak. Tourism is a viable option in this era of severe crisis in the agricultural and construction sectors. Our society is able to leap across the country by attracting and marketing the natural wonders that line our shores. Strengthen Tourism Activities in Idukki Our team provides membership to all those involved in tourism related activities such as homestays, resorts, hotels, spice shops and eco-shops selected as tourism livelihoods. The team has taken on endless possibilities for tourism, including travel and tourism, tour packages, farm tourism, and agri-tourism.